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Everyday Pasta

Gone are the days when daal chawal used to be the “ comfort food “ , now Pasta is the ultimate comfort food of all.Leaving a few “ peculiar ones” pasta seems to be the darling of every household for all the right reasons.It is  Quick to make,very versatile and the best crowd pleaser ever.

Although pasta is Italian , it could easily be adopted by almost any cuisine . A little bit of mix and matching , a dash of creativity , right balance of spices and you have a perfect bowl of pasta ready to gobble.

I am posting one the  quickest and yummiest way of making pasta . I call it everyday pasta because  of the simplicity of the ingredients that go into it. Enjoy !

Everyday Pasta - 2

What You Need :
  • Pasta :1 pk ( boiled and drained)
  • Sausages : 1 pk (12 franks – cut into pieces)
  • Chicken cubes : I pk ( 2 cubes)
  • Mix vegetables : 2 cups ( frozen )
  • Soya Sauce : 1 tbsp ( up to taste )
  • Salt : 1/2 tsp
  • oil : 1/4 cup
How To :
  1. Heat oil in a wide non stick pan.Add in chicken cubes , mix vegetables ,salt and cut up franks.
  2. Fry till the franks and vegetables cook through.
  3. Add boiled pasta , throw in the soya sauce and mix well.
  4. Close the lid and let cook on a very slow flame for about 15 minutes.
  5. Everyday pasta is ready . Serve and enjoy.

Everyday Pasta

Notes :
  • Instead of sausages you can use chicken.
  • Frozen vegetables can be replaced by fresh vegetables. Use carrots,capsicums,Potato,corn,peas and beans.Basically anything you have at hand.
  • In case of using fresh vegetables , add a little water to the pot to cook them tender before adding in the pasta.
  • I usually boil franks in water before adding to the pot but its totally optional.
  • Go easy on salt because the chicken cubes and soya sauce both are salted.Keep checking before adding these up to your taste.
  • For more exotic taste sprinkle a little cheese on top before serving.
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