Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baigan Ka Bharta


What you will need:
  • Brinjal : 500 grams ( half kg )
  • onions : 2 medium ( chopped finely )
  • Tomato : 250 grams ( chopped finely)
  • Turmeric powder : 1/4 tsp
  • Red Chili powder : 1 tsp ( or up to taste )
  • Salt : 1 tsp ( or up to taste )
  • Tamarind pulp : 1 tbsp ( or up to taste )
  • Ginger + garlic paste : 1 tbsp
  • Green Bell pepper : 1 ( diced )
  • Spring Onions : 1/2 cup ( chopped finely )
  • Oil : 1/2 cup
  • Green Coriander : 2 tbsp ( chopped finely )
How to do it :
  1. Wash brinjals and fire roast them directly until they are slightly charred and become soft and mushy.
  2. Remove the skin and stem of brinjals .. and mash the pulp..keep aside.
  3. Heat oil add onions and fry till light golden brown.
  4. Add ginger garlic paste and fry a little.
  5. Add tomatoes along with all the spices.Let it cook until almost all the water evaporates .
  6. Now add brinjal and tamarind pulp and let it cook till oil starts to ooze out.
  7. Add spring onion and green pepper at this point.
  8. Close the lid and let it cook on slow flame till the pepper gets tender.
  9. Check seasonings , sprinkle with green coriander and serve with hot Nan or chapatti.
Notes :
  • Fire roasting will impart the BBQ flavor which makes this bharta extra tasty.
  • Instead of tamarind pulp you can add lemon juice .
  • To make the dish more colorful and appealing you can use red or yellow bell pepper instead of green.
  • Butter Nan or chapatti for more taste.

Baigan Bharta -2


Kitchen Flavours said...

Mashaallah you have a delectable the template...where r the pic of the recipes.....upload some so that i can see and help u in which area u need to focus. Baigan ka bharta is my favourite.....sounds yummylious......Thank you for the invitation to visit u r blog.

Sadia Naseeb said...

Thank you lubna for your appreciation..
uploading the baigan bharta pic.. i think it needs to be perked up ..its too dull n drab .. what do you think ?

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow...feel like having it right now....very yum pic dear.....try taking in daylight/natural light and u can see the difference. But it's good...on a scal of 10 the pics above carries that's not a bad score.keep rocking....

arooj said...

Bharta is really luking very tempting !! gud job

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