Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gajar Ka Halwa

Come winter and the one thing that pops in mind is off course nothing else than the carrot halwa, one of the few desserts loved by all.Though gajar halwa is a winter favourite but i like to make it throughout the year ,served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream in summer and with a dollop of cream in the winter .I personally think that a sumptuous meal is always incomplete without desserts like kulfi,kheer and gajer halwa.My mother makes heavenly gajer ka halwa and i am sharing her recipe here .

What you will need :
  1. Carrots : 2 kg ( peel and cut top and bottoms off )
  2. Evaporated milk ( Rainbow ) : 2 cans
  3. Sugar : 3 cups ( or up to taste)
  4. Milk powder : 6 cups
  5. unsweetened khoya : 1 cup
  6. oil : 2 cups 
  7. kewra Essence : 2 drops ( omit if you don't like the smell)
  8. pistachio and almonds :  5 tbsp each ( chopped )
How to :
  • Grate the peeled carrots.Put the grated carrots and evaporated milk in a nonstick pan and let cook on gentle heat till the milk evaporates and the carrots become soft and mushy.
  • Add in the sugar, milk powder , kewra essence and oil and cook stirring constantly till the oil oozes out and the halwa starts to leave the side of the pan and no longer sticky.
  • Now add the unsweetened khoya chunks and mix gently .
  • Let the halwa cook on a very slow flame for about 10 minutes.
  • Mix in the chopped nuts .
  • Serve warm or cold.
Notes :
  1. For the smoothest and melt in the mouth halwa , the secret is continuous stirring.
  2. The halwa is best eaten fresh but because of high sugar and fat it freezes well too. You can freeze it up to a month . when needed defrost for an hour on counter top and then heat thoroughly in microwave before serving.
  3. You can omit unsweetened khoya if you don’t have it , but it gives a nice grainy or crunchy taste against the smoothness of the halwa.
  4. Use bright red Pakistani carrots that gives the halwa its unique jeweled colour.

Gajer Hlaw


Jameela Fazal said...

Gajar halwa looks yummmmmmy !!! i am drooling over the picture !

Sadia Naseeb said...

Thank you jam !!

arooj said...

Yummmmmmy ... i am loving the colour of the halwa !!

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